Is Google Nexus One Heading for AT&T?

Google’s idea with their Nexus One superphone is to move away from the restricting ties of the carrier, thus they offer the Nexus One online themselves. But over in the States the Nexus One only supports T-Mobile, so basically isn’t very open states an article over on engadget.

However, the guys at engadget have been doing their usual FCC snoop and have come across something interesting, two FCC labels; one is FCC ID NM899100 which is the original Nexus One, the other is FCC ID NM899110 which is a single digit up so looks to be a new model.

They also note that the RF report shows this new filing supports 3G on WCDMA bands I, II, V, which works on Americas AT&T and Canada’s Bell, Telus and Rogers and most of Europe.

So looking at it, the same label styling, one digit off ID, different bands, it could well mean that there is a Nexus One gearing up to work on AT&T, what do you think?

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