Mobile Phone Use When Driving Doesn’t Reduce Crashes?

Okay, anyone with an ounce of brain matter knows that if you make a call from your mobile phone when driving the chances of crashing increase, stands to reason, if you’re concentrating on your call you’re not concentrating fully on your driving, thus the risk of smacking your vehicle into an oncoming vehicle, tree or lamppost increases right?

Well apparently not, according to a study by the Highway Loss Data Institute, which found that comparing the numbers before a ban on mobile phone use when driving to the numbers after the ban, there was virtually no difference, reports an article over on the NYTimes.

The study was the first look as the results of the mobile phone ban while driving in California, Connecticut, Washington and New York, and the researchers are quite surprised at the results.

What is it with figures and the States? No one needs figures to know that using a mobile phone when driving increases the risk of having a crash, its simple common sense. Obviously people are ignoring the ban, which is probably due to the penalties not being severe enough.

No matter what any figures say, when you use your mobile handset while driving you risk your life and the lives of anyone else in your vehicle and the lives of other road users, I don’t need any figures to tell me that, just an tad of grey matter.

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