Gameloft Earns Cool $25 Million from iPhone

I’m sure most people who use mobile games have heard of Gameloft, well Gameloft has revealed their financial results for 2009 which they say comes to a sales figure of €122.0 million which is about $170 million according to an article over on techcrunch.

Gameloft also broke down the figures to show ‘iPhone revenue’ which we take it means combined revenue from both the iPhone and iPod Touch which comes in at a nice cool €17.6 million which is about $25 million.

Apparently that iPhone games figure means Gameloft made 231 percent more from the App Store than in 2008, which has got to be good and means that the full year revenues from mobile games grew by 12 percent.

Initial expectations for iPhone revenue in the fourth quarter of 09 wwere €4.4 million, however Gameloft iPhone revenues reaches €7 million which is about $9.75 million and equates to roughly 22 percent of Gameloft’s total revenue.

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