Google Nexus One Android Phone Support Program Manager Wanted

With all the commotion Google experience with Nexus One users and their need for customer support when issues were experienced with the latest Android smartphone, it appears that Google has learnt a lesson and is taking necessary steps to deliver some phone support in future.

When Google launched the Nexus One they weren’t prepared for any problems in the customer support department and many of their Android customers complained. However, an article over on Cnet notes that digital inspiration has spotted that Google has posted to their job boards asking for a ‘Phone Support Program Manager, Android Nexys One’.

Apparently the successful applicant will be based at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View California and will be responsible for ramping up operations of Google’s phone support direct-to-customer Android Nexus One customers.

So at least it’s good to see that Google has taken notice of the many complains on the lack of phone support for the Nexus One and are finally looking to improve things for the future. Something they should have had in place before releasing the Nexus One, still we all learn by our mistakes don’t we.

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