iPhone 3.1.3 OS Update: Have you had any problems?

So Apple finally got round to pushing out iPhone 3.1.3 OS update to iPhone users. It’s a shame they just couldn’t go straight to iPhone OS 3.2 but there you go we can’t have everything we want can we?

With iPhone OS 3.1.3 the word is it delivers a more accurate battery level reporting along with putting a fix to some Japanese keyboard issues and also apparently aids in launching some 3rd party applications.

So it would seem iPhone 3.1.3 is relatively a minor update to the iPhone OS, but if there’s anything else in there we haven’t mentioned which you find when you install it feel free to let us know.

So, no doubt even though iPhone OS 3.1.3 isn’t the iPhone update every iPhoner owner wants they will no doubt update and once done we’d like to know if you have experienced an problems with iPhone OS 3.1.3 or if it’s working just fine. Drop us a comment on your thoughts of iPhone OS 3.1.3 update below.


127 thoughts on “iPhone 3.1.3 OS Update: Have you had any problems?”

  1. shamousk says:

    battery indicator *better*, but still lame and essentially misleading.

    third party apps *continue* to have issues when launching. it almost appears as the new OS has re-triggered triggered this issue as opposed to solve it.

    iPhone OS 3.1.3 = 2/10

  2. Lourdes says:

    My iPhone 3gs went dark after the update, I could still see the icons and navigate the screen but it was very difficult. I tried rebooting several times and it finally worked. Also I could not receive any calls during the blackout.

  3. leeharvey says:

    Since installing 3.1.3 I can no longer use the iPhone with the usb input on my brand new Honda Civic. It just comes up with the message “Unsupported” on both the car dash and the iPhone. I have spoken to Apple about this and they have referred it to their engineers. Needless to say I am very unhappy about this, but I would be interested to hear if anyone else had noticed similar incompatibility issues.

    1. Gerry says:

      After updating my iPhone to version 3.1.3 I had a similar problem. The interface between the iPhone and the car sound system was no longer working at all. The retailer I bought it from suggested doing a hard reset of the phone, and this fixed the problem for me.

      Hold the home button and the power button down simultaneously for 6-7 seconds and then let it reset. Try it again in the car after that. It apparently fixes the problem 9 times out of 10.

    2. BrianP says:

      I have a GMC Terrain that I just bought two weeks ago. iPhone worked OK with the USB port, just got the airplane mode prompts previously. This past weekend was the first time the phone had been synced in a while, I think it updated to 3.1.3, and after this morning when I connect the USB port it attempts to read the USB device, then reports media unreadable. I have not noticed any other issue with the update. I confirmed that my iPod (which hasn't been synced in a LONG time is still working with the same cable.
      Assumed one of three things – either too many files (no, as the working iPod has 10x the number, and I think I had been above a 2500 limit for some items already), attempt to use the new Audible enhanced format (removed enhanced e-book – still fails), or the update. Seems to be some other people that have seen the updated break the USB connection, so did Apple break it, and of so are they going to fix it?

      1. infiniti3.1.3 says:

        I'm having the same problem with my 2010 Infiniti G37x. After installing 3.1.3 the iphone no longer works with my stereo/USB connection. I'll try the reset…

  4. Frankie says:

    IF YOU HAVE JAILBROKE/UNLOCKED to use on T-Mobile/etc, this update RUINS it.

    What a headache. I accidentally left in cradle and housemate got onto laptop and went ahead and “updated”. Now my T-Mobile iPhone is no-longer; now, i have to wait for NEW software to run my iPhone 3G on T-Mobile!


  5. cz says:

    When i do a select all from mail, then hit copy the mail app crash quits.

    I have done a complete restore from backup still doesn’t work correctly.

  6. pvl says:

    since installing the update, it constantly show the shut down slide bar. Or when I touch the upper left corner of the screen, it sleeps. Or when I try to hit the home button, it takes a pix of whatever screen its on. Or it shuts down on its own. Or it’s constantly searching for a signal. Or….well geez isn’t that enough to say this update sucks?!!! it’s totally effen with my productivity in my job.

  7. lpski1 says:

    When i installed the update last night, errors appeared in iTunes and the phone went blank, then i had to restore everything from the last backup.

    90mins of work i could have done without.

  8. cris says:

    Since installing the update, my ringtone won’t sync to the phone. Everything else will except the tones. Spent two hours playing with it last night and still nothing! Seems insignificant compared to the rest of the problems though!

  9. sean says:

    I ran the update last night with no problems. I have used the phone a few times this morning and the iPod. I haven’t ran any apps, but so far I haven’t noticed any difference in the phone since the update. But I haven’t had any problems that Apple says this update addresses.

  10. Steve says:

    Since the update, my slide to unlock isn’t functioning. Sometimes it works after the 10th time. Sometimes more. Also my phone for the first 12 hours locked up on the apple screen. Then when I was about to restore it, it starts functioning. Just way buggy

      1. Matt says:

        I had the same problem last night, updating iPhone (not 3g or 3gs) to 3.1.3 as suggested by iTunes. Now phone has USB cable icon, and even though I've tried restoring to several "oem" .ipsw files, hoping an earlier verision firmware would work – no go. Phone is bricked… can't do anything. I've also tried changing sim cards, and just about everything else I could find in google…

  11. Darren says:

    Updated my 3gs on o2, camera shutter don’t open sometimes until you reboot phone and couple of times when batt gets to 30% it quickly go’s to 9% then back to30% very random other than that all is fine, have restored three times aswell

  12. Nick says:

    Well I have had intermittent problems all day with my music player glithing and closing as well as applications doing the same thing. Not to mention I cannot cut and paste web content onto notepad! Doesn’t apple beta test this shit b4 they put it out into the world?

  13. s3th02 says:

    Seem to work fine at first then had a no service message. Tried to reboot then lost all functionality. Itunes error message says it can’t read sim card.

  14. Todd says:

    My iPhone’s music and videos won’t show. It tell me… “No Content” but iTunes is still showing it. I’ve tried to Sync several times. Dammit!

  15. pete says:

    I’m having the completely dead problem too; it started to update then went dead and said I needed to restore. Everytime I try to restore it gives a error (number 14). Have tried everything for two hours now and am giving up hope. I now seem to have an expensive paperweight.

  16. Darren says:

    Updated itunes to 9.03 then subsequently went to update iphone firmware to 3.1.3 following a prompt.
    iphone is dead now!!! Error 14.
    I’ve spent 5 hours trying everything to get it back working but to no avail.
    Whatever you do DON’T upgrade to 3.1.3, seems Apple Tech support are inundated with similiar problems.
    How can they get it so wrong?

  17. Tanya says:

    After downloading the update, it no longer recognized my password for the App store. I did a password reset, which allowed me to log in, when I chose Use Existing Account to get the app, it claims this Apple ID has not yet been used in the iTunes store–which is a load of crap. How else have I gotten all my apps! Now I have redo my iTunes account info again. What a pain!

  18. Mel says:

    After the update my phone went black. “Soft” restart didn’t work, hoping a “hard” restart works and I can use the phone. Seems like more trouble than the update was worth.

  19. james says:

    After updating my Boss\’s IPhone to 3.1.3, his pictures will no longer sync to his phone. This is a common problem for people using windows vista.

    He is starting to hate Apple.

  20. Bill says:

    Sma eproblem as some others. I never had a problem with apps not launching. I updated as a matter of course, and now many apps won’t launch, including facebook and google.

    1. matt says:

      My "iPod" app, you know, the CORE FUNCTIONALITY of the device – doesn't even launch my 3G. MY original iPhone is bricked, and my 3G can only make phone calls — which wouldn't be a problem if it did that very well.. I'm going to toss these in the garbage and go back to a regular cell phone.

  21. John says:

    I must be lucky then as it wont even let me update my iPhone. Apparently I dont have the “access privileges” to update even though I am the administrator. SO I must be the lucky one I guess. I’m on Windows 7 btw

    My bf updated his phone and he’s got problems, couldn’t disconnect a call from his end. Strange.

  22. Gary says:

    I plugged my iPhone in today and noticed there was an iTunes and iPhone update. Did the iTunes update then went ahead with the iPhone update…

    That all seemed fine and happened pretty fast, but as soon as I got the message telling me my iPhone was going to restart, it gave another message saying it was stuck in recovery mode.

    Since then my phone has been stuck in recovery mode and the update either crashes during install (error 6) or it just repeats the above after it appears to load fine. Grrrr!

  23. Walter says:

    After downloading the update 3.1.3,. My iPhone 3GS will not. 1. Give any message alerts for the calender, text messaging, mail or any push alerts. 2. External speakers don’t work at all. 3. Every time I use the slide to unlock the iPhone. It states ” This accessory is not made to work with iPhone.” But i’m not even connected to anything. Wish I hadn’t downloaded this update. Apple technicians need to try these updates on there own iPhone first, before calling it a necessary update to fix whatever.

  24. Lilith says:

    After updating my iPhone to OS 3.1.3, 24 hours later my phone froze, lost any functionality and shut off. I had to do a painful hard restart while connecting it to iTunes. It literally took 10 different times to get the iPhone to turn back on and for iTunes to recognize it. Otherwise, the update hasn’t done a thing for me except aggravate me and spiked my blood pressure. I blame the new OS because I have never had any issues with my phone. The battery was fully charged at the time and I take good care of my phone =(

  25. JrP says:

    had the same problem as tom and jjredick – my phone is completely unusable now. went dead during update… service… without my phone for at least 2 weeks…

  26. CM says:

    I am very dissapointed with this apple update (itunes and iphone 3G). Now I have a no-end problem when try to download any app from my iphone, I receive the same message “iTunes Terms & Conditions Have Changed”, even if I agreed the terms, when I try to download the app again, the message appears again.. I am really considering to hack my iphone 3g.

  27. Gary says:

    Following my post yesterday (above), I finally managed to get my iPhone back up and running.

    After many failed attempts to restore on my Sony laptop, and a few attempts on my normal PC, I decided to try it on my brothers laptop (as that’s newer than the other 2).

    Luckily that worked first time and the phone restored. Then I just plugged it back into my normal Sony laptop and sync’ed with that to add my contacts/apps etc back on.

    So it could possibly have been to do with the fact that my bro’s laptop was newer and maybe his USB connections were faster. Shouldn’t make a difference, but maybe it did!

  28. mazzer says:

    took the upgrade on my unlocked 3g – bricked the phone until i checked the imac for updates and connected a different cable direct to the mac round the back, it got recognised and updated and congrtulated me on unlocking my phone! perhaps there are issues with unlocked versions?

  29. Dave says:

    to all who say their iphone died during the update I’ve had this with the last 3 updates from Apple.
    A solution I found worked was to install iTunes on a computer that had never had it installed on before then plug your iPhone/Pod into that, let it install the new OS then go back to your computer and do a restore! it worked for me but I’m running out of computers that have never had iTunes installed on them before!!
    Apple really need to sort this crap out! it’s just not acceptable to push out an OS update that kills a damn expensive and heavily relied on device..

  30. Ashwin says:

    Updated it to 3.1.3, the bloody thing doesn’t detect my sim card anymore! Can’t call or receive calls anymore!! My 3GS hasn’t even been jailbroken, I wonder what the hell the problem could be???

  31. Greg says:

    Just did the update and phone needed to be restored. Now I’m reading the other horror stories here and wish I hadn’t done it.

    If this continues I may as well just jailbreak it.

  32. TDM says:

    Email page shuts off after 1-2 seconds..
    apparently any email returned because of wrong address will shut down the whole system..
    anyone else have this problem??
    any solutions??

  33. Stuart says:

    just updated my wifes Iphone with 3.1.3 and it is now dead. Have tried forced reset, but still nothing.
    The phone tech said I would have to take it to the in store tech. Does anyone else think there is a problen with this update.

  34. Dani says:

    I had the same problem where I updated to the 3.1.3 and then none of the 3rd party apps would open.. I uninstalled one, then reinstalled it immediately and all of a sudden all the others opened as well..

  35. Jackie Gill says:

    Since update I have had to restart my phone 4 times. Couldn’t send out MMS text for first day. When I sent one SMS text, it showed that I was sending 6. Indicated my battery was dead, then full, then about to die, then half full. Lost all sounds for keyboard and text message notification. Then, after having no sound for most of the day, it miraculously started working.

  36. Ammar says:

    It took me around 27 minutes from installation till the phone is available to me, everything seems to be working and Internet Tethering option is now available. Have to search how to configure/use it

  37. jholmesuk says:

    did 3.1.3, phone randomly goes into hard reboot. When it does work, my GPS chip doesnt work, and no numbers are saved in the recent call log. Loading maps crashes it too. The battery status meter is better though!!

    All in all, a nightmare update. Think my evening will be spent rolling it back to 3.1.2 which was stable and bombproof.

  38. Katie says:

    Same issue. Tried to update and it crashed my phone and put it into restore mode. It erased all my setting and apps, and then gave me an error message saying it was unable to restore.

    Now after several attempts of restarting iTunes, it is letting me restore, but I’m very nervous about what I’m going to see on my phone when it finishes….

  39. Goatherder says:

    Updated to 3.1.3 -> Error 29 -> Stuck in recovery loop!…
    3 hours of stuffing around later and I managed to get back to the Emergency Only screen by resetting while connected to another computer (Vista x64) with QuickPWN running, HOLD THE POWER AND HOME BUTTONS FOR 15 SECONDS, LET GO AND PRESS POWER FOR 2 MORE SECONDS. Once back to the emergency only screen I was able to connect to iTunes on my Mac and restore from backup. My phone is not JB but I had to use QuickPWN to recover it.

  40. brokephone says:

    just attempted the 3.1.3 update, the update froze during the process, now have a phone claiming it is in recovery mode, if I use itunes to run a restore it crashes again with the message “unknown error 2005”, itunes then ejects it like and unwanted runt, phone then continues to hang with the apple logo on screen as if if to mock me…. is there a button pressing combination to make the thing work again?

  41. Bill Mac says:

    Just updated – content bar shows 6.3GB “other” – no apps – ipod “no content” just read all the above – this is a nightmare – Apple better fix this one quick….

  42. Greg says:

    Iphone 3GS. I installed and shortly thereafter i started dozens of device unsupported errors (nothing was attached) and device not recognized. Worst experience with this phone ever.

  43. NickR says:

    I updated my iPhone 3G to 3.1.3 and got the “congratulations, your phone is now unlocked” message. It’s been unlocked since August 2009…

    I keep losing the O2 3G signal, and I’m in central London. And then I get the “No Service” marker which only corrects itself when I do a turn off / turn on again.

    All the other updates I’ve had since having this phone I have done within 24 hours of release and never had any problems. So this is my first, but I’m not happy.

  44. DylanH says:

    Just updated my 3Gs and it’s totally dead now. I’ve had no problems with it in the 6 weeks I’ve had it until this update. Nothing will get it started just a black screen. This was not a jailbroken handset it’s totally standard as it’s a work handset.

  45. mollie says:

    Updated my iphone 3G there is no sound for movies/audiobooks/music. Also when trying to click on the music index alphabetic list I can’t click on individual letters I can only scroll with my finger through all songs.

    WTF. My phone was working fine til updating!

  46. KW says:

    My phone’s screen went white. I can still slide to answer calls, but can’t see a thing. It still makes sounds, and rings, but the screen is just white. Help me!

  47. hopeless says:

    Same problem over here error 29. Tried everything i could find on internet. Keep on stuck at 2/3
    New computer, no 3.1.3 update present, no virus scanner, usb2 ports on the back, even tried DFU mode.

    Iphone 3gs 32 GB only a few weeks old and completely useless!!
    Apple store did one try and gave up, provider store gave up.
    Feel like smashing this phone!

  48. Steven says:

    I am having major issues with the battery after this update – I leave it on standby with a full charge and come back to it a few hours later and it’s run flat!

    Anyone else had the same issue?

  49. AKis says:

    Mine, after the update erased half the applications I had downloaded on the phone. On top of that, it didn’t backup the apps to itunes.
    I did a summary with only those I remembered and this update cost me, 50$!
    I mean after that am really losing faith in Apple. At least apologize to the customers that gave their money to buy from your appstore! And this wasn’t the first crappy update!

  50. cherie says:

    Well after reading all these problems I guess I’m glad that after 3 hours I have been unable to download 3.1.3. update. I tried everything to get the update to download and 5 times halfway through the update I would get an error message that would say the session was timed out. Extremely irritating, however in retrospect I guess im glad it hasnt worked.

  51. Dan says:

    I do not recommend the 3.1.3 either.
    I had to restore from factory defaults. I was lucky that I had backed up a week ago but now have to re-load all my apps. Apple really sewed up on this one. My next phone may be a Google phone… cheaper and my bet less of a hassle.

  52. Lucy says:

    Update crashed my phone, had to do hard reboot and restore from back up – I swear if this update is okay I’m going to stick with it and stop updating. I seem to spend longer updating, fixing and restoring than I do on the damn thing in the first place…

  53. Lucy says:

    Just one tip, I tried endlessly to restore with my iPhone connected to my MacBook using a non-Mac USB cable – switched over to a Mac-issue USB and restore finally went through.

    Fluke or not? Hope this helps someone.

  54. Raven says:

    Have non jailbroken 8GB 3G phone. Now I lose service and have to power phone off and on. When it comes back on, the battery life drops to almost empty, even when on full battery. I have to recharge during the day as well even though I turned off push and don’t game or use apps during the day.

    My apps appear ok, but the phone lags – if I press the home button to go back to the screen it either does nothing or waits five secs to do it. *GGRR*

  55. P.J says:

    Updated to 3.1.3 yesterday and everything was fine for awhile but noticed that battery drained alot quicker, and today used phone the same as any other day but after work phone battery indicated 30% where as it would normally be around 55% to 60%. Though this fix was to help battery life not make it worse. Firmware 3.1.2 was fine why not leave sleeping dogs lie….

  56. Chanieg says:

    Since i updated to the 3.1.3 on my 3g my sounds don’t seem to be working right, ipod music sound works but the slide bar sound, message alert, call tone and the sleep button sound does not work…anyone know what this might be other then the fact that the update really has issues? 🙁

  57. Fiona says:

    I just updated it and i seriously regretted it … Time since last full charge, both usage and standby were like giving me a dash.. no number nothing ! My call time remains the same all the way and it doesn’t really updates my cellular network data. i restored my iphone. all my apps were gone. i nearly cried okay. how can i get my apps back when i tried to sign in back with the same email i used to purchase the apps they said it did not existed? LIKE WTH! what am i going to do now call up APPLE and scold them for all i want till they give me a compensation ? and if they really is going to give me a full compensation then i wouldn’t mind at all. My sms aren’t being updated as well… it jumbles all over the place. my recent calls info as well. not updated.

  58. iphone 3gs unhappy says:

    Ever since I’ve updated my Iphone 3GS has had problems with active calls. And when someone calls me they tell me they get a busy signal or sends them directly to my voicemail.

  59. Susan says:

    During the update this morning, my phone went into recovery mode. I was able to restore it but cannot retrieve anything that was supposedly backed-up……months of notes, files, documents, pictures, apps. I feel like my house has burned down. DO NOT DOWNLOAD 3.1.3 if you don’t want to lose everything you’ve put on your iPhone since you bought it!

  60. Alex says:

    Tried installing this update, and now my 3GS is locked in recovery mode, when I try to recover I get the 1604 error code. Nothing works this sucks! very very dissapointed.

  61. Ryan says:

    I have an 3G 8 GB model and since I applied the update on Saturday I’ve had to reboot my phone twice to enable to it use my wifi connection. No other problems with other computers or phones. It connects to my wifi network but when you try to use Facebook, iReddit it displays a message about not being able to load the page or some other b.s. I will not update my wife’s iPhone and wish I could downgrade to 3.1.2.

  62. Bashrath says:

    This update crashed my iphone and damn i live in a country … saudi arabia where there is no official apple store .. spent a 1000$ to buy from here .. and all it says now is a blank screen ..my music my paid apps …. everything is gone .. no amount of restart or reseting works .. it just stopped detecting my device in itunes.. its not jailbroken .. as far as my knowledge goes but certainly its unlocked one .. i would really appreciate if anyone could give any bright ideas or suggestions..

  63. Luke says:

    I can’t charge my phone anymore? Tried multiple cord and plug combinations… and none worked. So, I’m trying to use my phone as little as possible.

  64. Brad says:

    I had my 3g phone lock up on installing 3.1.3 using a windows 7 computer. It said error 1604 and 92, and iTunes could no longer see the iPhone. I looked at the USB driver, and it wasn’t recognized.

    I was able to recover the iPhone, loading 3.1.3, using a windows XP computer. I have talked to a few others who have had the same failure, and it appears that the iPhone can be recovered on a vista or xp computer ( or a mac).

    On recovery, if the xp computer doesn’t have the iPhone backup, the iPhone will come up empty. To completely restore the dead phone, move the backup from the 7 computer to the one with xp, note the backup is kept in different directories on 7 and xp.

    Once restored the iPhone can again be sync’ed, but not restored, on the 7 computer.

  65. Kim says:

    After I updated to 3.1.3, my batter life now only lasts 1.5 – 2 hours at a stretch. Also, my iPhone is always running warm to hot even when not in use. The only time it cools down is when I completely power down the device. I took it into an Apple store and received a new one but it does the exact same thing. So, it has to be the firmware update.

    My phone now behaves as if there is something constantly running in the background that draining my battery. I wish I could revert back to the previous version!

  66. Jay says:

    My iphone went in recovery mode. itune measage sad it needed to be restored. It wont restore unless I do an update, the update is 291mb. I attemted to download update several times and only got error measages.

    My iphone is still in recovery mode tried on another computer but wants to do the same thing. update!

    Isnt there any way to restore it with my back up with out updating? I cant seem to get it to do that.

  67. Angelique Showman says:

    Did the update, now I can’t sync my music and video and apps I’ve paid for with “free updates” are asking me to buy them again. I’m having to revert my phone back to factory. I’m totally pissed!

  68. Jimmy says:

    After updating to 3.1.3 that’s when everything started going wrong. Battery percentage is off by 20% at time’s runs extremely hot sync problems. I’ve tried everything tech support recommended. 1 reset network settings 2 hard reset 3 restores the phone 4 restore and set up as new 5 let battery completely drain dead 6 change charging cord. None of these things work at all. There is no doubt 3.1.3 has serious glitches and needs to be fixed. 

  69. ECR says:

    When I got this update, I lost signal in my house. I used to have 2 bars minimum but now I always have “No Service”. I live 15 min to the border of Mexico (By Car), now it says”Telcel” or “Movistar”. Once it even said “Mex” but I’ve had this phone since Jul 09 and I had no problems since update “3.1.3”.

    Does anyone know how to downgrade to 3.1.2, I had no problems with 3.1.2

  70. Tomes says:

    Just updated to 3.1.3
    Have done sync.
    Have run a few apps and games that require internet download/sync/connection
    Have run iPhone sync a few times.
    So far so good.

    Have not had any reboots, hands, or crashes.
    Have not had any problems… yet.
    Haven’t used it long enough to see this battery issue people are talking about.

  71. Chris B says:

    I upgraded to 3.1.3 a few hours ago.. First problem I saw is none of my apps would load. Then doing a iTunes sync the whole thing became stuck in recover mode and wouldnt come out.

    After trying everything on my Windows Vista PC , I gave it a shot on the PC running XP and its recovered perectly first time. Then disconnected and took iPhone back to the vista PC with the backup and all my apps on etc and did a sync and all is good 🙂

    Thought id share what I did with you all in some hope it means you dont have as much messing about as I’ve had tonite.

  72. Murray M says:

    Im new to the iPhone as i only got mine in January and have been over the moon with it so far, however after downloading version 3.1.3 i can now not access my email account, on opening and going into the inbox the phone craches out of email and goes back to the main screen,

    No other problems however im a bit pi55ed that this has happened.

    Hopefully a new fix will come out to sort this back to how it was.

  73. Tony says:

    Been running 3.1.3 for a month now. All is perfect, update was fine, never even had the need to restart the handset, and it has a longer battery life. Can’t see how anyone is having all these issues!! I’m using a 3GS 16GB

  74. Tonia says:

    After the update, neither the app store nor the itunes on my computer will let me log in. My ID magically became invalid. I created a new one (since my email recently changed), but lost a page or two of apps during the unavoidable SYNC (more like Sink). How can they create such a beautiful machine like a Macbook Pro, and make such weird, infuriating programs. I also find it annoying that putting music into my iPod in the original CD order is such a damn chore. It should be intuitive (like with my Zen). I shouldn’t have to rename and add numbers! Some albums are made as one large piece of music. doy!

  75. Could any body show me the way to get iPod/iPhone 3.1.3 AV USB HotSync Charge Cable work connected to TV ? It is told featureing at supporting latest iPod/iPhone 3.1.3 version and the latter updation.

  76. Lisa says:

    since the 3.1.3 update my iPhone 3GS no longer works in my Bose SoundDock, will play music and run all other commands out of the sounddock, but the sound will not play through speakers all other functions work in the sounddock (skip track, play etc…) just no sound. Before the update this worked fine !! My husbands 3gs works fine in the same dock (not updated to 3.1.3 so it seems to be my phone post1.3 !!

  77. jol says:

    I NEVER had any problems, but now after the 3.1.3 update my screen locks to blackness after I receive a phonecall or hang-up a call
    GRRRRR – need fix!

  78. Jeff says:

    Since installing 3.1.3, none of the apps I downloaded work. They load, but then shut down right away. Person at the apple store was useless. "Some phones do that…you'll have to reinstall everything." WTF!?

  79. Neil says:

    Dont know if a coincidence but after downloading upgrade my PC laptop has died….I cannot even get in to delete / reinstall itunes………can only operate in safe mode….anyone any ideas?

  80. shaker says:

    I bought iphone 2g which was jailbreak and unlocked on 2.1 , as there wasn’t many apps supported I thought of updating to 3.1.3 which I did with latest itunes , all I did is clicked restore button and left it ,as soon as update was done my my phone displayed message “sim card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported".” But I was able to do call but not able to access iphone menu.
    I have removed sim and reinserted it ..now it says NO sim and dosen’t swithcoff ..

    Am tring to switch off and nothing happen, tried force withoff holding power and home button, no luck ..am really worried just bought recently and I had taken new contract for iphone ..pls can some one help.

  81. sophy says:

    after i updated my iphone to 3.1.3 there was a couple problems that had went wrong!! 1. voice memos recording wont record 2. phone goes mute when i make a phone call, the ppl i call cant hear me when im talking to them but i could hear them, which is WEIRD! 3. NO SIGNAL/NO SERVICE icon appears sometimes out of no where..

  82. flip says:

    Unknown if it’s a direct 3.1.3 issue – as I upgraded around the same time as upgrading from Win XP to Win7 – but since doing both I am experiencing glitches with picture/video/music files.

    Phone syncs fine, but some images will be ‘fragmented’ with blocks of the image in the wrong place, or with parts of two separate images combined to make one

    One video file goes silent and freezes – but the time scrubber continues – then the sound and picture cut back in later in the video

    Various audio files will do the same as the video above, or will skip (as if someone is holding down the FF on a CD player), or will play a part of the file out of sequence, then carry on (imagine a song playing as follows, in terms of timing: 00.00 to 01.24 then 02.03 to 02.06 then 01.25 to 02.02 then 02.07 to end)

    All files look/sound fine on iTunes, on windows explorer, and on my iPod classic and Shuffle

  83. keN says:

    YEAH after updating my iphone up to 3.1.3 i have no services and im panicking right now what should we do to fix this problem!!!!! please desperate needs of measure

  84. MRG says:

    My phone stopped working and had to go into the Apple store to restore since I kept getting an error. Lost all my pics and recent contacts since I hadn't backed them up. Still having issues with "my device timing out" while syncing. I regret doing this update since I didn't really need it anyway.

  85. Vlad says:

    Dead. iTunes says error 14, tried to reinstall iTunes, tried to update from another pc. iPhone was not jailbroken, so I don't even know what was wrong.
    DO think, are you really need these minor changes before updating and what would you prefer: misleading battery indicator or a nice useless piece of glass and plastic.

  86. DRG says:

    My 3.1.3 phone worked great until last week. I did a reset and restore from backup in iTunes, but problem of locking up at start was back. I took to local Apple store and they did a reset to new phone state. Things went OK for a while but at some point of re-adding apps, the Calendar app started always crashing. And some random phone reboots.
    I think the the old 2.0.1 memory shortage problem is still present. My new iPad running 3.0.2 is also starting to exhibit sluggishness that bothers me.
    I recommend looking at this old Apple discussion thread:

  87. mark gibbons says:

    Ive just downloaded the new firmware on itunes and now the iphone 3g wont swich on it just shows that itunes symbol and usb lead any idea im sick now

  88. Karyn says:

    Updated and now i cannot sync anything at all from my itunes to my iphone 3g, tried restoring it to factory settings many times and re-installed itunes still wont work and now…..all my apps are gone…….
    i hope they fix this!!!

  89. matt says:

    Tried again with lower version firmware, received Error 20, which seems to indicate interference from anti-virus software. Just fine, except I don't have any anti-virus software installed! All security disabled, no firewall, no anti-virus — so no more BS APPLE, WTF is wrong with your software?

  90. vovo says:

    last night i updated itunes for iphone 3gs, and after that i couldn't use my phone any more, simcard locks, phone noservice, please help me delete that, and come back everything like before update!!!

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