iPhone 4G 2010 Release Date: New Prototype Image

Although the big thing with Apple at the moment is their latest creation the Apple iPad, there are no doubt many who are patiently awaiting news of the next generation iPhone 4G 2010 and its release date.

We’ve all read the rumours on the iPhone 4G 2010 and what it is expected it will bring such as an OLED screen, touch sensitive housing, and improved camera and the abundance of other improvements touted on the blogosphere.

Back during the iPad announcement, engadget released a blurry image which appears to be a shot of a prototype of the upcoming iPhone 4G 2010 reports an article over on gaj-it.

The image is quite blurred and difficult to decipher, so it could be the new iPhone 4G 2010, but then again could be something else, what do you think, is it the next generation iPhone or not?

Release date for the iPhone 4G 2010 has been commented on as being April, May and the more traditional mid summer launch, but if this is indeed a shot of a prototype iPhone 4G 2010 then maybe a mid summer release isn’t far off the mark.


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