Video: Nexus One Now with Multitouch

You are probably aware from an earlier post that Google has finally capitulated to Nexus One owners constant demands that the US Nexus One be given multitouch like the European version. Although Google doesn’t admit it was due to user pressure.

So as pinch to zoom multitouch has been granted to the Nexus One Maps, Browser and Gallery, we have a short video of said Nexus One pinch to zoom multitouch in action courtesy of the guys over at engadget.

The Nexus One multitouch video which can be viewed below only lasts just over a minute the guys do show the new feature running and they say it runs well.

So with that said, if you want to check out multitouch on the Nexus One hit up the video below and see multitouch doing its thing on the Nexus One…enjoy.

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