New iPhone 4G will get some Apple iPad magic

All eyes are currently on Apple’s latest creation the Apple iPad, and no doubt with Apple’s ‘know how’ the iPad will be a great success as most Apple products are. But let’s not take our eye off the ball with the new iPhone 4G which is expected to hit later in the year.

No doubt when iPhone 4G comes along it will bring with it a few things from the Apple iPad. So with this in mind the guys over at itproportal have come up with 5 iPad techs they think will come with the iPhone 4G.

Firstly is screen size, the iPhone has maintained the same screen through all generations so they believe its time for a screen size bump, probably to a minimum 4 inch diagonal. Then there’s the processor, the iPad packs the custom made A4, so it is expected iPhone 4G will pack an updated processor that’s less than the iPad but an improvement on the iPhone 3GS.

Then we have WiFi, it is expected that iPhone 4G will include 802.11n which would then standardise components across the whole range. Next we can expect iPhone 4G to bring iBookstore as ebooks seem to be the way of the future and will accelerate sales.

Finally we come to iPhone OS 3.2, already on the iPad and no doubt some of iPhone OS 3.2 features will appear on the iPhone 4G such as maybe expanded Bluetooth support, video conferencing, spell checker, and local storage.

So there you have it, their view on what Apple iPad magic the iPhone 4G may gain, what do you think, would you like to see anything else come to iPhone 4G? Feel free to drop us a comment with your thoughts.


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  1. glenn says:

    whether it turns up this year or apple hold off till next year is anyones guess. Im due a new phone now, but am holding off for news. I just wish they would let us know sooner rather than later. Ive been a nokia fan for years but after the n97 im deffo looking at iphone or android as my next one. Nokia are well underdeveloped in terms of support.

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