Samsung Bada OS phone will be released March or early April

Samsung has an idea to take their new Bada OS to a huge success and compete against rival mobile operating systems in the mobile phone arena, and the word is according to the guys over at gizmodo that we’ll be seeing the first Bada phone released March or early April.

Apparently Shin Jong-Kyun, mobile division president of Samsung has stated that Samsung is looking to make Bada a big success and that the portion of Bada devices will rise significantly this year.

So looks like Samsung is talking tough with Bada but can they pull it off with the likes of iPhone OS, Android OS and now Symbian OS all fighting for the bulk of the mobile operating space.

Does the mobile arena really need another mobile operating system? Samsung thinks so and we will soon be seeing it hit the shelves is said March/early April release of the first Samsung Bada phone materialises.

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