Verizon CDMA iPhone and iPad: AT&T outbid all for iPad

According to Fox News AT&T have outbid all the other providers in an amazing offer of just £14.99 and $29.99 for data plans.

That truly is an amazing price for data plans on the iPad, and even though Verizon and Apple are still deep in discussion yes I said still deep in discussion! around the iPhone and of course the iPad there is still not a sign that an agreement is nearing.

There are also numerous rumours again this time surrounding that Verizon is getting the iPhone like some time soon. The companies are doing a whole lot of talking and not a lot of doing as far as we can see.

Although the intention is that the iPhone and the iPad will be brought to the CDMA network this year after the expiration of AT&T’s exclusive agreement with Apple runs out. Why on earth are they still talking? They’ve been talking since 2006 which was before the launch of the first iPhone! Jeff Nelson from Verizon has said no comment so officially that would mean that the company are not actually in conversation or in talks or does it. Source – theiphoneblog.com

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