Google Nexus One, Video shows docks and designs

We all look forward to seeing new and exciting things especially after a long hard week at work and here we have some great video footage for you to have a look at.

Google have just posted a series of videos about that OLED wrapped Android powered snapdragon phone. The video shows the magical journey from start to the final production.

In this episode you can see Mountain View’s Erick Tseng along with Tomasz Hasinski HTC’s project manager, and Lloyd Watts of Audience. Who provided the dual mic noise reduction technology.

Have a look at the video but don’t get too excited its length is just four minutes long. Following Ericks talk about the Nexus One’s unprecedented fusion of hardware and software design we get to hear something about HTC’s selection of nice soft touch materials. There is also a glimpse at three docks the desktop dock is already available.
Have a closer look and see how you like it. Source – engadget.com

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