New iPhone 4G 2010: Could it feature current location with a contact?

Simple as a press of a button is all it could take to share your current location in a possible future iPhone upgrade according to a new Apple patent application that has been spotted this week.

GPS which is in the iPhone already lets users view their own location through the integrated Maps application, the addition described in the patent application will make this easier and a lot simpler and enable users to share their data with someone else.

The location data can be shared with somebody who is currently connected with either a phone call or with somebody who has recently sent a text message. Users will be able to send their location to another person or you can request the location details of the other person. This would require approval as you would expect for security purposes.

This is going to be great, imagine your out on the town for a night and lose your friends you will be able to easily locate them at a click of a button. When permission is received the device will automatically display a map with a marker to show the location of the other device. Source – appleinsider.com


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