Verizon iPhone probably not: Cannot see Apple leaving AT&T

Apparently Credit Suisse doesn’t believe that the iPhone will leave AT&T’s grip in 2010 and therefore lowered Verizon Wireless’s rating to ‘Neutral, and Verizon shares fell two percent to close at 28.63 reports an article over on benzinga.

This comes on the back of speculation that AT&T would lose exclusivity over the iPhone and Verizon would then offer the iconic handset; however apparently Credit Suisse says there is a 75 percent chance that it will not happen.

The article then goes on to lambaste AT&T and their network stating mainly what we already know, that the AT&T network struggles with iPhone data traffic, and that AT&T customer service is lacking to say the least.

No doubt at some stage Apple will get round to opening up the iPhone over in the US, they can’t let AT&T have it all to themselves forever, and the most logical carrier would be Verizon even though it may not be this year, but the Credit Suisse could be wrong couldn’t they?


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