Game Developers Prefer iPhone to Nintendo DS and Sony PSP

Apparently a new study from Game Developer Reseach shows that the iPhone platform is more popular with game developers than the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS with 19% of all game devs writing for the iPhone and iPod touch, reports electronista.

At 19% of developers developing games for the iPhone that’s double the amount developing for the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS platforms and during the last three quarters all handheld game developers was writing for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Mobile games represent 25% of the gaming market which is now up 12% on before the iPhone and iPod touch became available.

So there you go, it looks like if you are into developing mobile games then the iPhone is the gaming platform you should be developing for.

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One thought on “Game Developers Prefer iPhone to Nintendo DS and Sony PSP”

  1. You know, there are people who will say “Nintendo DS and PSP have higher quality games than the nick-nack games that the iPod Touch/iPhone supports. But remember that as more and more developers jump onto the Apple bandwagon, it is enevitable that quality will increase. I mean look at China. Sure it creates knock-offs and low quality electronics, but that is what Japan did back in the day. Now Japan is the most technically advanced country in the world (Correct me if I’m wrong, but you get the idea), and China will probably follow suit. The brings us back to the iPhone/iPod Touch topic. Eventually, Apple’s handhelds will become stronger gaming platforms, and could overtake Nintendo and Sony. So Nintendo and Sony better stop saying “this is what we have, and Apple doesn’t have that”, and start working a way to stay on top.

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