iTablet on way watch out iPad

A company known as X2 computing and based here in the UK has recently presented a new tablet PC called wait for it the iTablet.

It is said that this will give Apple’s iPad a sure run for its money by combining what has been said to be some of the important bits to consumers that are missing from the iPad.

Cleary having a pop at Apple the device is really a netbook without a keyboard but it does have a capacitive multi touch interface with either a 10.2 or a 12.1 inch display with a cool resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

It comes with a 1.6GHz processor from Intel, 2GB RAM, three USB ports a webcam, Wi-Fi 3G and optional HDMI. Although not confirmed we would expect a card reader in there somewhere as well. It is a lot heavier than Apple’s tablet almost twice and three times as thick. For more information simply visit itproportal.com

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