Nokia to launch Maemo 6 in 2010

As we know Nokia has recently posted their quarterly earnings and they were good to say the least.

Apparently Nokia who have made Symbian OS an open source platform already, are going to skip straight past Symbian 2 in order to get to Symbian 3.

The version 3 will give users multitouch for those with Nokia smartphones and it is expected ot become available from quarter 3 in 2010. Version 4 will be with us in either late or very very early 2011. Okay so it isn’t actually official yet but is it presumed that the Symbian 4 will be based on QT platform.

Nokia are moving in the direction of Maemo and QT in respect of the high end terminals and we expect a release very soon of Maemo 6 powered smartphones in H2 2010. Source – softsailer.com

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