Video: A Humorous Take on iPhone and iPad

Here we have for your entertainment a video which uses Muppets of both Walk Mossberg and Apple guru Steve Jobs speaking on the advantages of the new Apple iPad over the iconic iPhone.

Firstly we have to say that this video, although quite funny, does use bad language so you have been warned and thus if offended we advise you don’t click on the video located below which comes courtesy of daily mobile.

In this hilarious video the Muppets talk about the point of the new iPad being just to put extra cash into Apple’s coffers and that basically the iPad is just a bigger iPhone, and that it isn’t revolutionary as they just took the iPod touch and put in a faster processor and bigger screen and that it.

The video basically ridicules the iPad and that all Apple is really interested in is grabbing your hard earned cash; could there be a spark of truth in this video? Maybe, but whatever it is a good laugh at both the iPad and Apple…enjoy

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