Symbian Phone OS available 4 months early

The operating system which is currently used in most of the worlds smartphones Symbian, is now available as an open source platform. This is four months earlier than was expected and is set to compete against Apple and Google.

They have also claimed to be giving away loads of free charge mobile phone software equating to billions of dollars. This move shows that any organization or individual can now have an access and also modify the platforms underlying source code s and when.

It is expected that this will encourage new developers to work with the system and support speed up the pace of improvements which will more than likely pose as a threat to Apple and Android.

According to Lee Williams executive director of the Symbian Foundation, the development community is now empowered to shape the future of the mobile industry and rapid innovation on a global scale will be the result. Despite being the worlds most valued operating system for smartphones Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iPhone have been dominating the headlines recently. Source – topnews.co.uk

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