Video: Google Nexus One vs. HTC HD2

We have a smartphone dogfight for your viewing pleasure today between the latest Android smartphone to hit the streets, the Google HTC Nexus One and the Windows Mobile and Sense UI sporting HTC HD2.

The video dogfight comes courtesy of the guys over at phonedog, and last almost nine minutes and starts of with a quick tour of both of the HTC smartphones. On the display, the reviewer says that he feels the HTC HD2 has more of a viewing problem in sunlight than the Nexus One.

Size wise the Nexus One and HTC HD2 are about the same in depth and width while the HTC HD2 is a tad higher than the Nexus One, and then they cover the controls.

I could continue but I’m sure you’d much rather head on down to the Nexus One vs. HTC HD2 dogfight video if you haven’t done so already, so I’ll stop here and let you enjoy watching that video.


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