Should new iPhone 2010 feature spray on glass technology?

There are many new technologies coming to the smartphone world and one such technology is apparently spray-on liquid glass which has apparently been invented by Nanopool in Turkey reports an article over on tipb.

Word has it the liquid glass is very thin at roughly 100 nanometers and as it’s so thin can be flexible and breathable, and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Apparently it also repels dirt, water, and bacteria, so if used in the iPhone 2010 could keep the display clean.

Liquid glass also repels UV light and is acid resistant so would be quite a technology to incorporate into the new iPhone 2010, and a way to make the iPhone waterproof as it could easily be sprayed over handset to seal any mesh and holes.

Spray-on glass is a futuristic technology which could easily be used on futuristic mobile phones, and is one possible new tech that the iPhone 2010 could incorporate, but should it? What do you think, should iPhone 2010 feature spray on glass technology?


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