iPhone OS 3.1.3 New Study: 72.3-percent still using 3.1.2

The new iPhone OS 3.1.3 update that was recently released has left many iPhone users with major problems, and a new study shows that 72.3-percent of iPhone users are still using 3.1.2 OS.

The iPhone OS 3.1.3 was only a minor update that has a few fixes, for example battery fix and a fix for third-party applications that would not launch properly, this update patched a few security holes as well. If this update was so good, why is it that only 14 percent of iPhone users downloaded this new update?

We found this study via Apple Insider and it was, 72.3 percent of iPhone users are still running OS 3.1.2, 0.8 percent is still using 3.1.1 and 4.6 percent are still using 3.1.0. We also mentioned yesterday about the latest hacking tool Pwnage Tool version 3.1.5 for Mac and that it is compatible with the latest iPhone operating system, this latest release allowed users to preserve a jailbreak and carrier unlock.

Please do let us know if you installed the latest iPhone OS 3.1.3, choose one of the following OS updates below that you are using on our poll system provided below.

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3 thoughts on “iPhone OS 3.1.3 New Study: 72.3-percent still using 3.1.2”

  1. Mike Hart says:

    Did the update to 3.1.3 and lost my jailbreak. Grrr!

    Microsoft was fined millions of Eoros, not for insisting that people used Internet Explorer, but simply for bundling it as the default option. Yet Apple seems to be able to clean get away with their autocratic, dictatorial approach regarding what can and cannot be run on a piece of equipment that I have paid for and own.

    Apple needs to play nice, or we need our political representatives to instruct them to do so!

  2. anjum says:

    This is ridicullous as we own the device, but apple owns the ownership of usage i have lost my unlock and iam unable to use the device for the last 1 week.

  3. Pete says:

    Have iphone 3gs jailbroken and unlocked running 3.1.2. will not be upgrading to 3.1.3. unll new unlock avail I dont use the carrier that its locked to.

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