Google Android does it again, this time Gingerbread

Here’s another one for you in the line of Android versions by Google staff, they all have something in common so far actually there are two things they all have in common.

Firstly, you will notice that they are all names of sweet things cupcake, donut, éclair and froyo and if you hadn’t spotted secondly they run in alphabetical order.

So what comes next well for those that haven’t worked it out it’s G, if the same pattern is to be followed. Great something sweet that begins with the letter G, according to Brian Swetland who works on the Android Linux based kernel the likely name for G will be Gingerbread.

Brian Swetland also states that the Android team is finalizing their move to 2.6.32 for the Android Froyo release and that they will likely be on .33 or even .34 for Gingerbread. So what’s next for H ? humbug Source – erictric.com

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