No Buzz for WebOS Smartphones

The big reveal at the Google event yesterday was the launch of Google Buzz, a technology for social networking that works within Gmail, and Google Maps, we have already reported on Google Buzz and posted a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure (here) and (here)

Well although Google Buzz will work with some mobile phones such as the iPhone and of course those packing the Android platform, according to an article over on precentral, Google Buzz doesn’t work with WebOS smartphones meaning of course the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi.

The article says Google isn’t even considering WebOS as a platform for Google Buzz according to the chart on Google’s Buzz for Mobile web page.

The Buzz chart does mention the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile, but no WebOS in sight, so maybe this is just an oversight and WebOS will be added in the near future, or then again maybe Google has something against WebOS, what do you think?

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