HTTP Live Streaming over 3G for iPhone?

According to an article over on tipb, iPhone users may see 3G connected Slingplayer and Hulu on the iconic iPhone and also the Apple iPad by using HTTP Live Streaming. HTTP Live Streaming delivers a state of the art standards solution for streaming video over a wireless network.

A major benefit of HTTP Live Streaming is that the user can “dynamically adjust to varying network bandwidth conditions.” Apparently it can store numerous video clips of varying quality on a server then give you the best option for the network you are currently using.

HTTP Live Streaming dynamically decreases or increases video quality as you skip from WiFi to 3G standard or served. You app must use HTTP Live Streaming protocol if it uses the mobile network to provide video for any stream that last ten minutes plus.

Furthermore, HTTP Live Streaming over the mobile network must include a low-quality stream of no more than 64Kbps which your application can resort to as and when network conditions demand.


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