Valentines day ideas how about a Pink Sony Ericsson W995

Only at Carphone Warehouse the Pink Sony Ericsson W995 which includes a love match application in time for Valentines day.

The test sheds a little bit of an insight into what could have been, what should not have been and what may still be in store for all you romantics out there. The test on the handset is based on four different categories sex, family, love and money.

The test is light hearted and a little bit of fun, a reunion may be worth a go when it comes to old flames, such as those named Katie and Peter who scored 84% when it comes to love. We all know of a Katie and a Peter now don’t we.

Head of marketing for Sony Ericsson UK and Ireland Dave Hilton said that clearly this is all very tongue in cheek, in order to mark the launch of the W995 Pink we thought it would be fun to try out a few celebs names to see how they fair.
You can get your hands on one of these in time for Valentines day at the Carphone Warehouse for free with a £20 a month contract. Source – mobiletoday.co.uk

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