Nokia Meamo and Intel Moblin merge to bring Meego

Apparently the largest mobile phone maker in the World, Nokia and chip maker Intel are merging their software platforms Moblin and Maemo to produce a unified platform which will be known as Meego reports an article over on daily mobile.

Meego will apparently run on multiple hardware platforms across numerous devices including mediaphones, netbooks, tablets, in vehicle infotainment systems, TVs and pocketable mobile computers, (we presume this means smartphones such as the Nokia N900.)

Meego is an open source platform which apparently will ‘accelerate industry innovation and time to market for a wealth of new internet-based applications and services.’

Existing Maemo and Moblin worldwide communities are now invited to participate in Meego, with Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvou saying that Meego will drive a wider range of internet computing and communication experiences for consumers on new types of mobile devices.

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