Samsung Wave S8500 with super AMOLED touchscreen

There has been a lot of talk around the Samsung Wave S8500 as it is the very first phone which features Samsungs own operating system the Bada. We were expecting to see it unveiled at the MWC and we haven’t been let down.

The mobile phone giant have now revealed the super sexy touch smartphone that is stunning and has a lovely metallic finish and is nice and slim. It sports a 3.3 inch super AMOLED touchscreen looks great. This also uses capacitive technology and has a much wanted scratch proof surface.

This handset really is a dream come true for many as it has all the latest features and some new fresh ones. Its got a 1 GHz processor and the screen resolution of 800 x and has a built in accelerometer and auto rotate.

It also has a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus, and the camera supports 720p HD video recording and playback. Overall the Samsung Wave is said to be an all round great phone with a fantastic price to performance ratio. To find out more information and what you can expect with this device visit thinkdigit.com

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