Video: Verizon Vampire Bites into AT&T again

Yep, the saga continues over network coverage between the Big Red and the Big Blue, with Verizon’s latest stake to the AT&T heart, another bash the AT&T network coverage video, and this time round Verizon does a parody of Twilight.

The Verizon Vampire video which can be viewed below courtesy of the guys over at engadget lasts just under half a minute and takes the usual route of choosing between the floating blue AT&T map and the floating Red Verizon map, but this time round it’s a vampire.

Now with a vampire one would have though they’d opt for the red anyway considering their taste for blood, and well like the vamp says, forever it really a long time to struggle with slow music downloads and emails, so perhaps AT&T won’t take forever to get their network up to speed.

Anyway enough from me, all that’s left to do if check out the Verizon Vampire video and enjoy this latest round of biting into AT&T, next move to you Big Blue.

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