Video: Windows Phone 7 Series Impressions and Hands-on

A major this at Mobile World Congress this year is Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operating system, a new smartphone OS that apparently seems to have taken MWC 2010 by storm as much chatter is going on about it as apparently we haven’t seen anything like Windows Phone 7 Series before.

The guys over at engadget managed to get some hands-on time with Windows Phone 7 Series, and they say it looks like Microsoft has simply started from scratch; the OS is completely new with a design and layout that’s quite original.

Albert Shum, one of the designers calls it an ‘authentically digital,’ and ‘chromeless’ experience, meaning no faux 3D or drop shadows, no busy backgrounds, no shaded icons, little visual flair, but clean transition animations and typography.

Rather than me try to explain Windows Phone 7 Series to you, we have a video hands-on along with some of the guys first impressions of Microsoft’s new OS for you viewing pleasure which can be viewed below, so hit it up, check it out, and let us know what you think…enjoy.

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