MWC 2010: iPhone Safari Outperformed by Opera Mini

During Mobile World Congress 2010, Opera showed off their Opera Mini web browser working on the iPhone and apparently outperformed the iPhone native browser in virtually every way and is apparently a great deal faster reports an article over on information week.

Opera has 2 mobile browsers, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile which the main difference being Opera Mobile is a ‘full on-device browser’ while Opera Mini utilises Opera’s proxy and compression service.

According to tests performed at the Opera booth at MWC 2010, Opera Mini for iPhone ‘beat the pants off’ iPhone’s Safari browser by a quite wide margin with Opera demonstrating how fast Opera Mini for iPhone works on GPRS networks.

Opera Mini for iPhone features its Speed Dial, a visual bookmarking tool, but doesn’t deliver Safari’s pinch and zoom tech, but does zoom in and out very fast when double tapping. Opera has a couple of tweaks to get done to Opera Mini for iPhone and then they will submit it to Apple for approval in the coming weeks.

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