Samsung Moment HTC Hero Android 2.1 update in Q2

We all like to keep on top of the latest Android updates and following Motorola’s Android 2.1 OS update details Sprint has made an announcement of their own.

The much talked about and long awaited Android 2.1 update is on its way and will not be that far off now. It will be arriving for the HTC Hero and the Samsung Moment users. Currently these two devices are still on Android 1.5 which is obviously becoming more and more outdated.

We can look forward to seeing the new update in Quarter 2 of this year, still al little bit of time to wait so be patient at least we know its on it way. It is assumed that the Hero wouldn’t get the update until HTC went live with their Sense UI running on top of Android 2.1.

We have seen that running n the Desire and the Legend already, but what is a little confusing is that the Moment hasn’t as of yet actually received an update. It is nice though to actually see manufacturers such as Motorola and carriers including Sprint actually speaking up about the updates. Source – intomobile.com


4 thoughts on “Samsung Moment HTC Hero Android 2.1 update in Q2”

  1. Justin says:

    Sadly, Chris’s comment is false! After speaking with various sprint reps, NO ONE really knows the exact date we are to see 2.1! Everyone’s been speculating on the 22nd release date, but here it is…past the 22nd and everyone at sprint still doesn’t know when it will hit! It seems as though they will get notified (in stores) at least 1-2 weeks in advanced in their “playbooks.” Expect most likely for the 2.1 update to come sometime in Summer! Trust me, I’ve done the research and have spoken to various sprint reps in various positions within the company and they are keeping closed lips about it!

  2. ian says:

    I would hold your breath based on what a sprint rep says, or in your case multiple reps. If those pinheads knew what the help was going on, they would have leaked the change from 1st half to 2nd quarter. Those reps don’t have access to any kind of privileged info, they are just the little worker ants doing what they are told. Joe shmo sprint rep coulda pulled whatever date he wanted outta his @$$ just to get you off his back. When it comes out you will know and then you’ll realize all the time you spent asking questions and stressing out about an update for your cell phone was a big waste of time. I mean really, if you knew the release date for sure would it make you feel better? How about sprint releases it today to make all the whiners happy, testing really isn’t that important right? I’m sure sprint would rather do it right then give the whiners something else to cry about.

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