Nokia N900 charger faults not covered under warranty

Not good news for those that have recently purchased a Nokia N900 tablet as it would seem you may encounter a problem with the charger.

The Nokia N900 tablet has already been hit with some hardware issues and this is now another problem for the Finnish device maker. Customers have complained about a major charger problem that apparently isn’t covered under the warranty.

The issue seems to be that the two prongs on the charging cable are a tight fit on the handset, such a tight fit that the whole microUSB port in some cases is actually coming away when the cable is being disconnected.

Nokia have said that they are aware of reports that under certain conditions the micro USB port of a very limited amount of Nokia N900 devices can be detached. Nokia have also stated that for those of you that are unfortunate to experience a problem with your Nokia N900 you should contact your Nokia customer care. Source – mobilenewscwp.co.uk


13 thoughts on “Nokia N900 charger faults not covered under warranty”

  1. CJM says:

    Here’s an idea…how about you just be careful when plugging/unplugging it. Newsflash… it’s a small plug and jack. Delicate as heck. All the ones that have probably failed are owned by people that have other gadgets with issues. I’m guessing their N900 slider is busted, screen scratched, and case all damaged up too.

    1. fm900 says:

      You sound like a man who works for nokia with a bad idea, I can say that I was being very very careful when the charger socket came away easily without any force applied to it on my n900, it has been replaced with another which has also come away, no doubt the third even fourth socket will also come away too, you need to understand this is a weak point on this phone and it is not the prongs on the charger, if you have seen the part concerned you will understand the problem better and perhaps refrain from making such uneducated comments .The n900 is brilliant phone/computer but fitted with a weak and crap component, which I am sure that nokia are aware of, hence the warranty bullshit etc etc.
      Toyota car makers recalled their cars when they had a malfunction and treated their customers with respect why not nokia??

  2. Andy says:

    @CJM, obviously you’re an idiot but for anyone else reading this who is likely to be fooled that it’s improper use that is the issue. It’s not well made and it wasn’t cheap to fix, I love my n900 and treat it like my first born but it’s the gift I have to keep on buying 🙁

  3. Bonker says:

    OH BOY… My much-awaited N900 is due to arrive in two days. Maybe it’s best to return it pronto. This issue was the very reason I nixed both the Motorola razer and Cliq- my nokia hockey puck (walmart- $20) has a nice, simple virtually foolproof headphone-type charger input. These rectangular ones are an issue on every phone that has them, and NO…it’s not due to “pilot error.” They are simply designed to keep cell phone repairmen employed!! Maybe it’s time to make a fortune by marketing a device that charges the batteries when removed from the phone (…THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS…you read it here first!!!)

    1. yorkshirepotter says:

      Maybe it's time to make a fortune by marketing a device that charges the batteries when removed from the phone (…THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS…you read it here first!!!)

      Ebay :o) Ive just ordered one as i am having just this problem. Theyre only £3 inc postage.

  4. Russell says:

    after the farse i had with faults on my nokia n97, and reading more things like this, i will not be rushing out to buy this phone. Also after seeing friends iphone’s im considering leaving nokia as my choice of phone.

  5. asdf says:

    Umm.. I dont understand. What does this mean that “not covered under warranty”?? I got it fixed for free.. I just had to wait for two weeks to get it back.

  6. Jaysus. says:

    Simple fix to stop this happening to you is to take a small file and file off the two little prongs on the usb cable, if you do it right it works a charm. 🙂

    1. sam says:

      hey ya, my n900 wont charge through the charger or connect through USB, although it has all worked fine in the past. does this mean its more likely to be something wrong with my phone rather then the charger/USB cable?? and if not what 2 prongs do i file off?

  7. ejinaka benedict says:

    i love my Nokia N900, but i am having two serious issue with it , (1)the call register does not refresh, it does not show received, missed call or dialled number
    (2) most times it does not show test messages.
    some times if i reboot the phone the faults will clear for like 5MINS and it will start again.

  8. swazirose says:

    I see nothing has changed within a year, and I'm relieved to learn that I'm not alone with this problem.

    Mine was only a few months old when it developed the problem with charging – in fact I only bought it in April 2010, and its been treated with respect and still looks pristine.

    On mine though, the whole housing where the charger plugs into the phone became completely loose and was rattling about, and it also startedmaking this awful grinding and swishing noise when it went on charge.

    The supplier grumbled a bit as the manufacturer's warranty elapses after only 28 days (that should tell you something) but nevertheless they duly sent it off for repair free of charge. When it came back all my data had been wiped and although the noise was still there, it neverthelss meant that at least it was an indication that it was actually taking the charge.

    Now however, several months since, the problem of not charging when connected to either the charger, the adaptor or the usb terminal, has reappeared but the housing is not loose.

    Then the other day it developed an "internal system error" and now it won't load any of my contacts. Today it died. Rest in peace Nokia N900 …

    Where in the past I swore by Nokia, I now have to revert to using one of their old 3310s (remember them) and the only sad thing is that I have to still pay £30 a month for the next year simply now for the "privelege" of owning a Nokia N900 … when the contract ends I won't ever buy another Nokia.

    The iPhone can be no better … my son's hasn't been able to receive or make any calls for nigh on a year …!!

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