Windows Mobile 6.5x Out, Windows Phone Classic In

Now that Microsoft has got round to officially announcing Windows Phone 7 at Mobile World Congress 2010, it appears that there is going to be a touch of re-branding to the Windows Mobile we have all come to know according to an article over on jkontherun.

Apparently if you own a Windows smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.5x there is no need to worry about what may happen to your existing operating system as Windows Mobile 6.5x will co-exist alongside the latest Windows Phone 7.

The only thing is the name Windows Mobile 6.5x is now out and will hence forth be known by its new handle Windows Phone Classic. Although apparently there’s no word on just what Microsoft intends for Windows Phone Classic once Windows Phone 7 is available.

So there it is, basically Microsoft dumps the Mobile in favour of Phone in name and I guess as Windows Mobile 6.5x is considered old Microsoft in their infinite wisdom tagged on the Classic.


One thought on “Windows Mobile 6.5x Out, Windows Phone Classic In”

  1. Julie Featherstrom says:

    No more WinMo. Just say ‘Windows Phone Classic’.

    Somehow I don’t think anything major will be happening with ‘Classic’. A security fix here and there. And then let it wither on the vine.

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