Apple is Culling iPhone App Adult Content

It is looking like Apple is again getting all prudish about what applications for the iPhone are allowed in the App Store, as apparently Apple has once again begun culling iPhone apps that feature adult content and is throwing those apps out of the App Store.

According to a report over on techcrunch, iPhone app developer Jon Atherton has had his iPhone application called Wobble iBoobs removed with iPhone App Review sending him an email to let him know that Wobble iBoobs was removed due to “overtly sexual content.”

In said email Apple states that they are refining their guidelines and as such Atherton’s Wobble iBoobs (Premium Uncensored) contains content they originally deemed suitable, but after numerous complains on type of content the guidelines have changed and thus have decided to remove overtly sexual content which included Atherton’s app.

According to the article the removal of Wobble iBoobs for the iPhone isn’t an isolated case, with other iPhone apps such as “Sexy Women,” and “Exotic Positions” and both are no longer available while others such as “Sex Strip” and “Beautiful Boobs” are still downloadable, but that’s probably due to Apple acting slow to ban them.


2 thoughts on “Apple is Culling iPhone App Adult Content”

  1. Thanks for sharing this!

    At MiKandi, we’ve been hearing horror stories as angry iPhone developers turn to us to stock their sexy adult apps.

    Since Apple’s decision to purge over 5000 adult apps, MiKandi has received a ton of new developers registering on our portal. Many more have expressed their interest to port their recently banned apps over to Android. We’re excited to see what they stock on MiKandi. Hopefully we’ll be seeing Wobble on the market!

  2. It's unfortunate that Apple feels the need to do this. if the apps 9and their descriptions) are only available to those who can verify their age, what is the problem? There is too much money to be made here for them to just shut these all down. Do they have any idea how many jobs and how much money they are taking away from people? So much development cash is just flushed because Apple decided to become ultra-conservative overnight.

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