Best Buy to offer Motorola Devour for $150?

As we reported the other day, the Motorola Devour smartphone has now be made available for pre-order at Best Buy although they didn’t announce what price the Motorola Devour would actually cost the potential buyer, you can read the article (here)

Well now according to an article over on engadget, a leaked flyer for the Motorola Devour with Best Buy lets us in on what the latest Moto smartphone is going to set you back.

So, if said flyer is true and not some Photoshopped version, it looks like the Motorola Devour smartphone from Best Buy with a two year agreement on Verizon Wireless will cost a reasonable $149.99, which is of course without mail in rebate as it’s from Best Buy.

So there it is, the pricing for the Motorola Devour smartphone from Best Buy, so are you going to dash out now and place one on pre-order from Best Buy?


One thought on “Best Buy to offer Motorola Devour for $150?”

  1. Pnhst says:

    150 is a reasonable price for a phone running 1.6 with motoblur? The things a brick, low res screen, slower processor half the memory. 50 dollars more and you get the ferrari of android phones on the same network with all the awesomeness. This is not a good deal.

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