Video: Create your own tasty iPhone lookalike iSandwich 4G

In the kitchen playing with your iPhone and feel peckish, well how about making your very own iPhone sandwich? Yes folks what we have here is a video tutorial for those iPhone fans who would like to have their iPhone and eat it as well.

The amusing video which can be viewed below courtesy of the guys over at gizmodo, shows all you iPhone fans how to make an iSandwich 4G, which is of course an iPhone looking sandwich that includes numerous morsels of food.

I have to say it is rather clever how they have made a sandwich to actually resemble an iPhone and it must have taken quite some time to chop up all those tiny icon sized pieces, and the ending is quite well done with an added twist.

So enough said, I’ll let all you budding culinary gourmets set your iPhone down on your kitchen table and set about having a go at creating an iSandwich 4G of your very own, hit up the video and get creating.

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