Windows Phone 7 Smartphone from Microsoft coming next year?

We all know that Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 7 while at Mobile World Congress 2010, and apparently Windows Phone 7 was demonstrated on a specially constructed handset built by Asus, and was not for commercial release; and thus the speculation begins…

According to an article over on The Street, Northeast Securities analyst, Ashok Kumar has said that he has spoken with Microsoft partners and suppliers, and they have stated that the smartphone sporting Windows Mobile 7 shown at MWC 2010 is a reality.

Kumar further says that there is a temporary halt to production with the Windows Phone 7 phone for some unspecified reason but should see release in early 2011.

Well now again the much talked about and rumoured Microsoft phone has again reared its head even though Microsoft has stated numerous time they are not making a smartphone. So there it is; is Microsoft going to push out their own branded Windows Phone 7 handset? According to the analyst it’s not if but more of when.

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