iPhone App Could be Estate Agent’s Worst Nightmare

There’s a new iPhone application available which just might give a few estate agents some sleepless nights as the iPhone application lifts info of local nuisances from government databases and forwards it to the app user and shows the percentage of people with ASBO’s in their neighbourhood.

According to an article on the Telegraph, tech writer, Drew Cullen, apparently told The Sun newspaper, “It’s the quickest way to find out how chivvy your town in.”

Asborometer for the iPhone has been dubbed “the estate agent’s worst nightmare,” due to it being able to inform potential house buyers about neighbourhoods that are troublesome and have a high rate of Anti Social Behaviour Orders.

The Asborometer application was created by Jeff Gilfelt who has said that “although its name is fun, it has a serious message.” Asborometer works via the postcode system and is available for both the iPhone and Android platform.

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