Does Apple have the right to make your choices?

Apple seems to think that the general iPhone public doesn’t have the ability to make their own choices when it comes to iPhone applications, they seem to think that they need to oversee what is available and take away anything that they feel would drag the iPhone public off the course of righteousness.

Of course I am speaking about Apple’s decision to remove any iPhone application that in their view includes even a minute inkling of sexual content, as we the general public are too stupid to make up our own minds about what is sexually arousing and what isn’t.

This is the 21st Century and the days of Victorian draconian measures to ensure the public’s eyes never fall on any skin have long passed, yes Apple today women do not wear clothing that covers everything right down to the ankles.

And believe it or not, the public do have the intelligence to actually make their own choice when downloading iPhone applications and they should have the right to that choice, not have it taken away by some prudish Apple review board who are constantly polishing their ‘holier than thou’ halos.

So readers, do you feel that your freedom of choice has been removed when it comes to what iPhone apps you can have? Or do you feel Saint Apple has made the right decision in taking away that choice, drop us a comment below on your thoughts.


One thought on “Does Apple have the right to make your choices?”

  1. bogwan says:

    I PHONE KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!! It seem s we have found the I phone killer. After all the debut about if a new phone is a iphone killer. Well it seems the iphone was killed by the iphone. Imagine that, ……………………………….gooooooo android

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