T Mobile UK has BlackBerry Storm2 available now

Great news for all you BlackBerry fans out there, this is really what we’ve been waiting for.

How do you fancy getting your hands on a BlackBerry Storm2 9250 on T Mobile in the UK, sounds amazing I know but now you can. Its now available for sale.

It is a great BlackBerry crammed full of all the features you would want and expect. It is T-Mobiles first full touchscreen BlackBerry and its got the lot. Instant messaging, Wi-Fi, 3G internet, iTunes sync and 10 email accounts.

It also has a 3.2 megapixel camera and you can get it now on the best smartphone network. It is free on a 2 year £30 per month contract which I’m sure you’ll agree is pretty good. Get over there now to check out the other plan options. Source – intomobile.com

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