WiMax 3G smartphone from Sprint sooner than expected

It has been revealed by Sprint Nextel that they intend on introducing their first WiMax 3G smartphone in the first half of this year which is sooner than we were lead to believe we would see it.

President of Sprint’s Business Markets Paget Alves, said in a recent interview that the device will be out by the summer, it could also be that the device may turn out to be the rumoured HTC Supersonic.

Lack of a WiMax handset has been reported as being a very important piece taking into account the fast adoption of WiMax. Chief Executive Officer Dan Hesse said that he expected 2010 to be the year of the WiMax or 4G.

Sprint resells WiMax services from Clearwire and they own a majority in the company. Apparently the intention is for Clearwire to roll out mobile WiMax to 120 millions POPs by the year end. Market launches will happen in Boston, New York City and more. It is also rumoured that the Supersonic will run on Google’s Android 2.1 platform with HTC’s Sense user interface on the top. To find out more on this story visit fiercebroadbandwireless.com


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