Google Earth Comes to Market but for Android 2.1

For those Android users who have Android 2.1 OS, such as the Nexus One superphone, Google Earth, which was originally thought to be bundled with the Nexus One but wasn’t, is now available on the Android Market reports an article over on intomobile.

It seems somewhat strange that Google Earth has been available for the iPhone for quite some time now, but not on Google’s own Android platform, one would have expected Google to make sure all their services were available to their own operating system first.

However, Google has seen fit to include a couple of differences with Google Earth for Android to differentiate it from the iPhone version and have added something which they call “Look-Around mode,” which delivers a 360 degree view from the user’s location from a few thousand feet above.

Google Earth for Android also incorporates a Layers option, much like Google Maps for Android whereby it overlays the map with such things as Wikipedia, terrain, roads, businesses, places of interest and the like, and also multitouch and double tap have been enabled.

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