Google Update Causes UK Nexus One to Dial 999

Apparently there is a spot of bother with the UK version of the Google Nexus One superphone since a update was issued by Google at the end of January which causes the Nexus One to dial the UK emergency number when a user tries to dial a freephone number or retrieve voicemail reports The Register.

The Nexus One update is apparently supposed to recognise any number which may be an emergency call and connect to the local service; however for some reason the numbers 111 and 0800 are included in the list of numbers.

The word is the Nexus One will connect the user to the local emergency services number whenever they make a call to numbers, 0800, 08, 000, 110, 111, 112, 118, 119, 120, 122, 911, and 995.

Apparently a customer who contacted Google for support was told to contact their network operator for a different voicemail number, which doesn’t really solve the issue if more Nexus One owners find this problem.

So have any of our Nexus One toting readers experienced this 999 dialling, if so drop us a comment.


One thought on “Google Update Causes UK Nexus One to Dial 999”

  1. KM says:

    Which Apple executive started this rumour?

    2 points – firstly, there is no UK version of the Google Nexus One as it hasn’t been launched in the UK. Secondly, I have the Nexus One on O2 (imported), and can call 0800 numbers without any problem.

    Has anyone verified the claims, or have you just published any old tittle tattle?

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