Invasion of the smartphone malicious software cause for concern

According to an Indian American computer scientist, there is malicious software out there now which is capable of invading new generations of smart phones.

Vinod Ganapathy has said that smartphones are becoming more and more like regular computers, they run the same class of operating system as desktop and laptop computers, so they are just as vulnerable to attack by malicious software or malware.

It was demonstrated how such a software attack would permit a smartphone to listen in on a meeting, track its owners travels or render the phone useless by draining the battery.

Probably the most worrying about all this is that in most cases, the owner of the device may not even be aware that it is happening. The problem is malware known as root kits, not like viruses root kits attack the heart of a computer’s software. The smartphone has new ways for malware to enter the system quite easily such as through Bluetooth channels or even through a text message. Source – tech2.in.com

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