HTC Desire Headed for AT&T, HTC Legend Goes to Sprint

Although this information hasn’t in any way been confirmed, the latest rumours in the mobile world are that the Nexus One twin, the HTC Desire is heading for the Big Blue, while the HTC Legend will be making its way to the Sprint network.

According to an article over on the boy genius report, one of their connects came across with the info, and also says that the aluminium unibody HTC Legend will land on Sprint as the successor to the HTC Hero and thus go under the moniker of the HTC Hero2.

With the HTC Desire going with AT&T it will give the Big Blue and alternative to Google’s Nexus One on T-Mobile and although the HTC Desire is virtually identical to the Nexus One, the HTC Desire does add the updated HTC Sense user interface to the mix.

The word is that the HTC Desire will hit the Big Blue network sometime between May and June. As for the Sprint HTC Legend/Hero2, the word is once it lands it will be slightly modified but no word on what modification it will be and no word on any landing timeframe as yet.

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