Mod gives iPhone 3GS Titanium Backing

If you don’t particularly like the plastic backing on your iPhone 3GS you could always take the route of one mod and that is to modify your iPhone 3GS to sport a much more attractive titanium back, reports an article over on modmyi via engadget.

The modder, Martin Schrotz took a couple of months to achieve his look as he didn’t dismantle his iPhone 3GS, but redesigned a new back cover for the iPhone 3GS by digitally measuring the original cover, and redesigned the new cover in CAD.

Apparently the new iPhone 3GS cover is constructed out of a special titanium alloy which allows RF to penetrate and thus enables wireless communications. Martin opted for the special titanium when trying aluminium turned into a disaster.

So there it is, an iPhone 3GS with new titanium backing, and if you want one you’ll have to hit up the link about and ask Martin how to go about it, if you do let us know.

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