Android Platform to gain Nokia Ovi Maps?

Nokia has confirmed they are to push Ovi Maps onto more than Symbian and will start with Maemo5; however, according to an article over on electricpig, Nokia may be working on getting Ovi Maps onto the Android platform and even maybe Windows Mobile, or should that be Windows Phone.

The word is the general manager for the Alps and South East Europe for Nokia, Greg Williams, during an interview with Austrian newspaper Die Presse last week replied when asked if Ovi Maps could come to Windows Mobile or Android, “That will be the next step.”

So it would appear that Nokia is indeed considering at least bringing their Ovi Maps to Android, and as Nokia is a mobile phone maker one could assume that they may be working on a Nokia branded Android/Windows handset.

Of course that is only supposition but you never know, we could see a Nokia Android or Nokia Windows Phone 7 in the near future, what do you think?

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