iPhone Adult Apps May get Explicit Category or Not

Is Apple thinking about changing their mind on their “overtly sexual” content purge from the Apple iTunes App Store? Apparently they just may as according to an article over on gizmodo, developers have noticed an “explicit” category has been added to the App Store.

Although this “explicit” category hasn’t shown up in the App Store as yet, and could well signal Apple’s u-turn on their stance against iPhone applications showing flesh, after all it’s not every flesh showing app that has been booted from their App Store is it.

The addition of an “explicit” category would be one way to keep everyone happy as long as there are certain measures put in place so the underage can’t gain access and thus keep the complainers at bay and off Apple’s back.

However, the guys at gizmodo have updated on this matter and apparently the “explicit” category has now been removed, and apparently a developer has said that Apple has stated that although they are thinking about it “its not going to happen anytime soon.”

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