IPod touch for youngsters Android for the Gents survey reveals

A recent survey carried out by AdMob between the 5th February and the 16th February has revealed some very interesting statistics.

The survey consisted of 963 respondents which consist of 318 Android users, 244 iPhone users and 356 iPod touch and 45 webOS users all in English speaking countries has revealed some interesting statistics.

The results show that men make up a massive 73% of all Android device users. Not only that even webOS you know the smartphone operating system from Palm which is supposedly geared up for women carries a 58% male to 42% female users.

It would be quite easy to blame the advertising campaign of the Droid by Verizon, but that wouldn’t explain why the Palm adverts which target women failed to skew the webOS numbers. Another interesting point is the Age data that has been revealed, it shows that 78% of iPod touch users are under the age of 25 compared with 25% of iPhone users and 24% of webOS and Android users. Source – engadget.com

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