Videos: Symbian 4 First Look

The Symbian Foundation is currently forging ahead with Symbian^3 this year, but next year we may see Symbian 4 come out to play on a few Nokia mobile phones, and we have a first look video of Symbian 4 for your viewing pleasure today.

The Symbian 4 first glimpse videos has now bee released by the Symbian Foundation, the first lasts just over the half minute mark and the second just over a minute and comes courtesy of the guys over at electricpig.

It’s still early days with Symbian 4 and the guys say the Symbian 4 homescreen resembles Android meets TouchWiz while the text menu screens look much like Samsung’s present UI on the Samsung Omnia 2.

Still, any look at the Symbian 4 operating system is better than no look at all, so I’ll leave you to make your own judgements after heading on down and hitting play…enjoy.

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